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Who we are

Welcome to
Center for Quality Life

We at Center for Quality Life are dedicated to enhancing well-being through a holistic approach and Complementary Therapies.
Complementary Therapies are a soft and gentle alternative to traditional medicine and have been proven very successful over the centuries. It is widely used in Eastern Culture and most therapies are derived from ancient knowledge. Whether you suffer from physical pain, anxiety, and depression, emotional issues or allergies, or other ailments, our vast range of approaches will help you.

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Medical Advice and Answers to Patient's Questions & Health Issues.


A tradition of ethical and honest business conduct is the cornerstone.


Enhanced well being through a Holistic approach and Complementary Therapies


Treatment for Physical Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional issues or any other ailments

Our Services

At Healing Chiropractic our chiropractic group is prepared to address with you to talk about your issues. We will outline a program that is appropriate for you. We anticipate meeting you.

How Can Chelation Therapy Help You? We give you Service to patients.

We plainly comprehend that you need not to lose, but rather to gain more cash over your time of work with us. That is the reason we dismiss all high-chance undertakings, that may prompt a quick heap of money out of the blue however to a primary capital's misfortune the second time.

I have been here for my joint pains and have taken oxygen and vitamin c therapies which have to ease my pains a lot. Vitamin c therapy is really worked for me like magic where within 12 hours I could see a lot of relief. I would recommend everyone to this place for their overall health.

Veena Thummala

No Side Effects perfect treatment we can take here with good atmospheric conditions


Best preventive treatment for all illnesses and diseases.

Sanjana Sanju

One of the best Alternative Medicine clinic in Hyderabad they are very professional. The services are amazing. People in the center staff are also very responsible very helpful and trustworthy as well. God bless Center for quality Team.

Sandeep Rao

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